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Football Tours In Rio

Football Expedition

Matches in Rio rate among the most exciting in the world! Check it out below!

STARTS FROM R$120 / US$60 / €38
(Currency Conversion based on BRL)

Football In Rio

Football matches at Maracana

We welcome all Rio visitors, especially football fans, to join us for this quintessential Rio experience. Come with us and experience a local football match at the worldwide famous Maracana stadium.

Enjoying a football match at Maracana stadium, one of the biggest football stadiums in the world, is something incredible which must be experienced by every real football fan. The other option is to enjoy a game at the Olympic stadium also in Rio. Our English speaking guide will pick you up in front of your hotel or hostel and take you to the stadium where you will enjoy a game in the company of the "Raça Rubonegra" supporters club (the biggest organized supporters club in Rio). Both of the stadiums are known for their amazing atmosphere and loud and passionate supporters. No matter the stadium you should be in for an epic show.

After the game, which is sure to be a spectacle, we will drop you back off in front of your hotel or hostel.


PLEASE NOTE: For some important football games such as semifinals, finals, cup games, local derbies etc. the price for the Football Expedition tour in Rio might vary.

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