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10/22/2011 09:10

The bird man, Rob Heron, winning the biggest rock in the world


The largest stone in the world by the sea, with original name of the similarity with the Portuguese nest of the boat. Among the neighborhood of Sao Conrado and Barra da Tijuca the Gávea rock is among the best views of the city. To climb you need physical strength and disposition as it may take up to two and half hours, counting the time of rest and the climb.



The main entrance is the Barra da Tijuca, in a condominium homes in a place called Barry. Right at the entrance (10 minutes) if you are lucky there are the waterfalls, if it rained recently, you can make a quick stop to refresh.



The path is sign posted with paintings on trees, and fences in dangerous places. A half way, or at least one of the mandatory stops, is the "Stone Boat", a high rock, which lies on the trees giving us an idea of the extent of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio beaches. Next stop, "Carrasqueira," the hardest part!


Baia well known singer in Rio sings in his music, "the carrasqueira feelling crazy is real," but today we can count on a steel cable that help in the ascent, making everything easier, but no less dangerous. All attention in this part is important.





Certainly the view is all a prize for any adventurer.


It was the Gávea Rocks where Rob Heron jumped from there and started a new modality rarely practiced in Rio de Janeiro, base jump with more than four seconds of free fall! Ufaaaaaaa! In this case was 58 seconds! In this city that is the symbol of sports, that was the best location for “The Flyer” Rob Heron.


It's the Gávea Rock where the base jump video below:


Take a breath and enjoy the vídeo!!

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