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12/17/2011 21:29

Oscar Niemeyer


In December 15, 1907 born in Rio, Oscar Niemeyer, the most international Brazilian architect, specializing in modern architecture and a pioneer in Brazil when created Brazilia. Celebrating 104 years he still working at important architecture plans, like the National Hotel.

Veja Rio

Very interesting is to look for the works done by the architect in Rio and Niterói. “Obra do Berço” (1937) in Lagoa, “Gustavo Capanema Palace” in downtown, “Casa das Canoas” where is the Oscar Niemeyer Fundation, “CIEPs” (publics schools),  “Sambódromo”  the samba street, the MAC (Contemporany Art Museum) in Niteroi. Those are just some of the many projects done by the great Oscar Niemeyer.


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