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11/08/2011 21:01

In Rio de Janeiro, Juice Bars That Are More Than Juice


If you caught the recent front page article in the Times entitled “Foreigners Follow Money to Booming Brazil, Land of $35 Martini,” you know how expensive Brazil has become. By some measures, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are now more costly than London or New York or Oslo — amazing considering that some of their municipal services are more like those in La Paz or Dakar.

Polis Sucos by Lara Dunston

Needless to say Brazil’s booming economy and strong currency have made it a difficult place to travel on the cheap. I’ll never stop recommending Rio de Janeiro as a destination, but these days surviving a budget trip to the city requires a few tricks.

Seth Kugel for The New York TimesBreakfast choices include a huge fruit salad or a ham and cheese omelet with toast, each about $5.

Today I’ll share one: for way less than the price of that $35 martini, you can eat three very Brazilian, generously portioned, surprisingly healthy meals a day without setting foot outside the upscale beachfront haven of Ipanema.


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