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11/11/11 23:54

"Pedra do Sal" - Stone of Salt


In the "Pedra do Sal" (Rock Salt) you can find each monday the original samba of Rio, that is leadered by the "Batuque na Cozinha" (Drumming in the Kitchen). One of the oldest neighborhood of Rio, there you can feeling the Rio de Janeiro way of life, and you can see too, the original architecture of the city, that reminder us the Alfama neighborhood in Lisbon.

Located in the "morro da Conceição", the samba start 16h and is free. There you can see the stairs done by the slaves. And you can find a lot of artist, that in december have workshop to everyone.

The history of the place start with the dockers that were sambistas after his work. Now is one of the best Samba meetings of all Rio de Janeiro. Is a place to go, visit and have fun.

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