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“In the second week of the Olympic Games, we had double the usual number of tourists,” says Eduardo Cruxen, who co-owns Brazil Expedition, which specializes in local tours.

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"For those seeking to dig deeper into Rio’s public art scene, there are street art tours in the city, including a four-hour tour from Brazil Expedition, which runs during the work week (or for groups on weekends)."

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Experiencing a flavor for favela life is an essential Rio experience, and a portion of sales proceeds on the Brazil Expedition tour (which includes free hotel transfers) directly benefit community projects in Rocinha.

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For a chance to explore Brazil with experienced guides, try out Brazil Expedition, which feature football, hanging gliding, surfing, samba, cooking and even favela tours!

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"La primera semana de los Juegos fue floja, ahora está subiendo y se compara con carnaval, que tiene bastante demanda", apunta Cruxen, que organiza dos tours por día a la Rocinha y puede trasladar a unos 500 turistas por mes en temporada alta a la favela, la más visitada, una de las mayores de la ciudad y próxima al parque olímpico.

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I hooked up with Brazil Expeditions for their daily encounter in this heaving hillside shanty town, with a population of over 200,000 residents jam-packed into the hillside. My guide was Edson, a charismatic and enlightening 20-something resident of the favela, who started learning English just three years ago.

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“Las personas de la favela son muy castigadas”, lamenta Cruxen. “Llamarles "afavelados" es como llamarles de segunda. Cuando ven al extranjero crean una conexión interesante y sana. Quiebra un estigma”.

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